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Calmer Weekend

I had one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while this past weekend. Friday night was Natey Pie’s birthday so we went out for live music, dancing and drinks. It was really fun and good to see him. We used to have a lot more time to hang out and now that he has a night job and I have a day job we’re definitely seeing less and less of each other. Saturday Jon and I slept in until about 10AM, which I haven’t gotten to do in what seems like a century. Then about 20 minutes later we decided to get dressed and have an adventure. We stopped at Starbucks to get coffee and headed off for Boulder Caves! For any of you who haven’t been to Boulder Caves I highly recommend it. Although I advise you to NOT go on a weekend. There were a lot of people there with little kids, and although I love kids, they are not what I picture when wanting to have a quiet moment out in nature. In true Jackie-form I “knew where I was going” and I took us towards White Pass. I could have sworn that it was just before White Pass, but I was totally wrong. Good thing Jon is such a good sport. Most people probably would have wanted to kill me since I took us about 2 hours out of the way. But he said he wanted to see what White Pass looked like anyway so it was worth the trip. My cute little liar ūüôā

Then we were on our way! The RIGHT way! We finally found it and finding parking was near to impossible. We decided to park about half a mile away and walk in, but not before I hiked into the woods to pee. I was about to pee my pants and the last half hour of our drive before getting to our destination was me complaining about how full my bladder was. While I was going to the bathroom about 10 cars were driving away from Boulder Caves and Jon was shouting at me to hurry and get back in the car because there were probably parking spots now. He was right, we got premiere parking and off we went. The hike to the caves is really easy, it can’t be more than a mile. When we got there I realized we probably should have brought a flashlight…but I need to be cut some slack! I hadn’t been to Boulder Caves since high school and I sort of forgot what it was like. When I told my Dad this story this morning he said, “C’mon Jackie! It’s a CAVE! There’s no light!” Touche father, touche. But it really is beautiful up there

Look at that waterfall!! Seriously, nature?? Good job! After that we stopped at 3 different fruit stands because I wanted to get some fresh fruit for the house. We went to 3 because the first two weren’t up to par. I’m surprised Jon didn’t want to kill me after this day. We were starving at this point so we stopped by a family favorite. Whistling Jack Lodge! The food was pretty good, although I ordered a turkey sandwich on a croissant and the menu said it had sprouts and cranberry sauce on it, and it had lettuce and no kind of cranberry anywhere to be found. It was a really great day, Jon and I both decided we need more days like that.


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Garbage Cheese

My favorite day of the week is by far Thursday. ¬†Why, you may ask? ¬†Because it’s Girl’s Night of course! ¬†Girl’s night meaning Sarah comes over and we watch Bethanny’s Getting Married, drink wine and eat delicious cheese. ¬†Last weekend I went to Seattle with my Mama and at the end of our trip we stopped by Beecher’s to grab some delicious cheese. ¬†I chose two cheeses; a chevres that had orange zest and walnuts in it and also a “stanky” (that’s what the package said) brie from Cowgirl Creamery. ¬†We had our cheeses in a paper bag and I made the mistake of setting my flowers from Pike’s Place in the bag also so that they wouldn’t topple over on the car ride home. ¬†By the time we got back to my house some of the water had seeped out of my flowers and spilled on the cheese. ¬†I figured no harm was done. ¬†I dried my cheese off, replaced the soggy wrapper with a layer of wax paper and popped it in the fridge. ¬†I was waiting patiently for Thursday so I could break out my special treat of fancy cheeses and we could have an epic girl’s night. ¬†All week my fridge smelled like garbage, but I figured the stinkier the cheese the tastier it probably is so I put up with it making my fridge stink to high heaven.

Thursday comes around, Sarah arrives around 7, and I show her my fancy cheese I had purchased for us. ¬†I put it on the plate, gave it a sniff, and I cannot emphasize enough how much this cheese smelled. ¬†It literally smelled like hot garbage. ¬†But this mound of brie cost me a whopping $22 (!) so I couldn’t throw it away based on smell alone. ¬†I cut a chunk off and, while Sarah watched in horror, took a bite. ¬†Not only did this cheese smell like garbage it tasted what I would imagine hot garbage to taste like. I gagged a little bit but managed to get it down. ¬†Not only did this stupid $22 cheese taste like poo, it made my chevres taste like garbage just from being around it! ¬†Now, I do not like thinking about the fact that someone out there is eating this cheese and enjoying it. ¬†I literally had to wash my hands 3 times just to get the garbage smell off. ¬†It has to be because that water spilled on it, right? ¬†I want to drive to Seattle right now and purchase this again just to make SURE it’s truly that bad. ¬†Have any of you had the displeasure of eating this cheese?

If you haven’t, don’t. ¬†And if you decide to test it out, inform me whether or not this is actually garbage cheese. ¬†I need to know if this cheese really tastes and smells that bad or if it was because of the water that it got stankier than it should have been. ¬†Because garbage cheese nearly ruined my favorite day of the week! ¬†Thank god for Bonaire’s Sunset vino. ¬†That wine saved girl’s night!

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Potential new clients and fried chicken

Yesterday requires a bit of back story for those of you who aren’t in the know about my current life. ¬†My job right now is working for my Daddio at his collections agency. ¬†We mostly do collections for the medical field (E.g. hospitals, dental clinics). ¬†So, my personal job is to deal with any problems with current clients and to keep them happy. ¬†Also, I try to acquire new clients. ¬†Now that second part is the harder part of my job. ¬†Sales are hard as it is, but selling debt collection to clients is just sort of….well….awkward. ¬†It’s not a dream job, but it’s definitely challenging and interesting. ¬†On Tuesday we got a call from a client that used to be ours but they hadn’t sent us any new accounts in over a year. ¬†They were requesting an inventory and status report, meaning they wanted to see what accounts we had and any progress we had made on collecting from them. ¬†This is usually a bad sign. ¬†We weren’t really sure whether or not they were still our client. ¬†Because technically we don’t usually get fired, they will just stop sending us accounts and we’ll just kind of assume we’re fired…but we won’t be sure. ¬†So we were under the impression that they just wanted this report so that they could cancel any accounts that were still with us and cut all ties.

I went down there yesterday with this report in tow. ¬†I knew the billing manager’s name was Terryl, and the woman who contacted me was named Hope. ¬†I was fairly sure that Terryl had just sicked a secretary on me so that she wouldn’t have to hear my pleas begging her not to fire us. ¬†I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in the door, asked for Hope, and the secretary said, “Just a moment.” ¬†Hope, apparently, is also in charge of billing. ¬†She was new to the billing department and saw that they had once used us for bill collections and wanted to know why they had stopped using us. ¬†She also wanted to compare our success rate with their current collections agency. ¬†She ended up really liking me, and I also got to meet Terryl who is in charge of the billing department (my Dad prepped me before I went and told me it was practically IMPOSSIBLE to meet with these billing managers. ¬†Boo ya!)

So it went really well. ¬†Hope told me they would “probably” be sending business our way. ¬†I left her with a contract and hopefully I’ll be hearing from her sooner rather than later. ¬†The suspense is killing me.

Anywho! ¬†I made home-made fried chicken in celebration. ¬†Recipe was compliments of another blog I follow religiously ( check it out. ¬†It’s pretty good.) ¬†I deboned chicken breasts all on my own, breaded, and deep fried chicken which I had never done before. ¬† It was surprisingly easy and not-so-surprisingly delicious!

Voila!! ¬†It’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it? ¬†I had to make the picture bigger than usual to show how truly crunchy and delicious that breading was. ¬†If you’re interested in the recipe I would be happy to send it your way! ¬†I also had a big glass of white wine from Trader Joe’s. ¬†Don’t judge! ¬†I’ve been trying to get a client and feel useful around this place for the last 3 months! ¬†I deserved every bite and sip of my celebratory meal! ¬†Success!

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I refinish furniture?

When I moved back to Yakima a few months ago, I inherited this big old dresser from my parents. ¬†They were practically begging me to take it because when I say this thing is big what I really mean is that it’s huge. ¬†It’s probably about 5 or 6 feet long. ¬†It’s pretty cool looking though. ¬†It was my Mom’s mom’s so it’s been in the family for a few generations. ¬†When Krisanna was in town she showed me another blog she enjoys; ¬†It focuses on interior design and there are very cool “before & afters” of people refinishing and painting old furniture. ¬†I was inspired to do this myself. ¬†Although I’ve NEVER refinished or painted a piece of furniture (successfully anyways), I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to do it. ¬†I once painted an old side table of mine. ¬†It was really cute, but it was green and I decided I wanted it to be black. ¬†So I painted it without sanding it or priming it or really doing anything to it but paint it. ¬†I kept it around for a couple more years, but it was permanently sticky.

This time around I WILL sand it, I WILL prime it, and it WILL turn out beautifully. ¬†The only problem is that I don’t know what color to paint it. ¬†I was thinking a mustard yellow, but that might be a little much. ¬†And then I thought maybe bright blue, but my new duvet cover is blue and that would be blue over-load. ¬†Now I’m leaning towards maybe dark purple? ¬†I don’t know. ¬†I need help. ¬†Any suggestions? ¬†I’ll post a picture just so you can all get an idea of what I’m workin’ with.

Of course, I’m also going to put new hardware on it. ¬†And I’m even thinking about maybe decoupaging the top of it with something cool. ¬†I don’t know! ¬†Help!


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The Preeeccciiiiiooousss

I woke up pretty grumpy today. ¬†I think being really busy is starting to take its toll on me. ¬†I always say to myself, “Okay, I have Saturday off. ¬†I’m not going to do or plan anything. ¬†I’m just going to stay home with Jon and relax.” ¬†But I always end up planning something, not getting any sleep and then feeling robbed of my precious sleep! ¬†I just love to sleep in! ¬†I don’t think there has been one day in my life where I woke up before 8AM and felt good about it. ¬†I know there are morning people out there, and believe me I wish I was one of them, but I never will be one of them. ¬†When my alarm goes off at 6:30 am I am annoyed with the fact that it feels like I time traveled during my slumber. ¬†Are you kidding alarm clock? ¬†I just fell asleep! ¬†I have to change the noise my alarm clock makes every couple of weeks just because if I keep the same sound it starts to make me angry.

I also don’t think the fact that Jon has a night job and gets to sleep in is helping my cause either. ¬†While I’m showering, blow drying my hair, getting dressed (all in a groggy fog), he’s lying there looking so cozy and content! ¬†We call our bed “the cloud” because, seriously, it’s like sleeping on our own personal cloud. ¬†A delicious man-made cloud made of duvets and luscious pillows. ¬† Curtains hang over our window making our room dark no matter how bright it is outside. ¬†It’s amazing sleeping conditions!!! ¬†I really don’t think that room could get much better for sleeping. ¬†Ugh, talking about that room is making me want that bed. ¬†Instead I have this…

Oh! ¬†Hello cubicle space with florescent lighting! ¬†You’re just as good as my cozy bed with my boyfriend in it! ¬†ūüôā

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Cousinly Love!

What a perfect day to start a blog! ¬†My cousin Krisanna decided to make a trip over Satus Pass to come see her favorite cousin (that would be me, in case that confused anyone). ¬† We haven’t gotten to spend much time together this year since we now both have big girl jobs, and I started dating Jon a little over a year ago. ¬†She also got married last summer, so she likes to see her hubby whenever she can since he started medical school. ¬†Man, I was wondering why we hadn’t seen much of each other this year but after rattling off all of those reasons I’m surprised we’ve seen each other at all!

I texted Sarah, my brother’s girlfriend, and she doesn’t have any plans tonight so hopefully we can have a fun girls night filled with food and wine! ¬†We were thinking about going out to dinner but I thought it would be much more fun to stay in and cook dinner. ¬†Especially since I got to go to Trader Joe’s in Issaquah yesterday and got at least 8 bottles of wine.

Our house is a total wreck right now so hopefully I’ll have some time to clean right when she gets here. ¬†This weekend was a pretty busy one (surprise, surprise) filled with trips to the Gorge to see The Kings of Leon, friends staying the night, and a Seattle trip yesterday with my Mom. ¬†Busy weekends like that = very little time to get much needed chores done. ¬†Normally I would not agree to go on an early morning shopping spree with my mother after a long day, but it was the Nordstrom anniversary sale. ¬†It was a must-happen shopping trip. ¬†If any of you know my mother you know what a shopping trip with her is like. ¬†It’s a lot of moving, pretty much no stopping, no eating, and lots of coffee. ¬†Needless to say I’m about 28% awake today.

Time for lunch!  Going home to warn my man that we have company coming and convincing him to do a few chores for me today.  Wish me luck!


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