Cousinly Love!

What a perfect day to start a blog!  My cousin Krisanna decided to make a trip over Satus Pass to come see her favorite cousin (that would be me, in case that confused anyone).   We haven’t gotten to spend much time together this year since we now both have big girl jobs, and I started dating Jon a little over a year ago.  She also got married last summer, so she likes to see her hubby whenever she can since he started medical school.  Man, I was wondering why we hadn’t seen much of each other this year but after rattling off all of those reasons I’m surprised we’ve seen each other at all!

I texted Sarah, my brother’s girlfriend, and she doesn’t have any plans tonight so hopefully we can have a fun girls night filled with food and wine!  We were thinking about going out to dinner but I thought it would be much more fun to stay in and cook dinner.  Especially since I got to go to Trader Joe’s in Issaquah yesterday and got at least 8 bottles of wine.

Our house is a total wreck right now so hopefully I’ll have some time to clean right when she gets here.  This weekend was a pretty busy one (surprise, surprise) filled with trips to the Gorge to see The Kings of Leon, friends staying the night, and a Seattle trip yesterday with my Mom.  Busy weekends like that = very little time to get much needed chores done.  Normally I would not agree to go on an early morning shopping spree with my mother after a long day, but it was the Nordstrom anniversary sale.  It was a must-happen shopping trip.  If any of you know my mother you know what a shopping trip with her is like.  It’s a lot of moving, pretty much no stopping, no eating, and lots of coffee.  Needless to say I’m about 28% awake today.

Time for lunch!  Going home to warn my man that we have company coming and convincing him to do a few chores for me today.  Wish me luck!



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2 responses to “Cousinly Love!

  1. Megan J

    I’ve never read a blog before but since it’s Jackie’s blog…it’s a must! lol Just had to say..yes I remember shopping trips with your mom! We had to remind her we were growing kids that needed food. Don’t forget the Fire Jolly Ranchers. Does she still eat those?

  2. Haha no, she doesn’t eat those anymore. Her candy phase is actually over. Cause she used to eat those butterscotch things all the time but she doesn’t do that anymore either. She likes lunch meat with mayo and cheese now. Bread-less sandwich.

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