Potential new clients and fried chicken

Yesterday requires a bit of back story for those of you who aren’t in the know about my current life.  My job right now is working for my Daddio at his collections agency.  We mostly do collections for the medical field (E.g. hospitals, dental clinics).  So, my personal job is to deal with any problems with current clients and to keep them happy.  Also, I try to acquire new clients.  Now that second part is the harder part of my job.  Sales are hard as it is, but selling debt collection to clients is just sort of….well….awkward.  It’s not a dream job, but it’s definitely challenging and interesting.  On Tuesday we got a call from a client that used to be ours but they hadn’t sent us any new accounts in over a year.  They were requesting an inventory and status report, meaning they wanted to see what accounts we had and any progress we had made on collecting from them.  This is usually a bad sign.  We weren’t really sure whether or not they were still our client.  Because technically we don’t usually get fired, they will just stop sending us accounts and we’ll just kind of assume we’re fired…but we won’t be sure.  So we were under the impression that they just wanted this report so that they could cancel any accounts that were still with us and cut all ties.

I went down there yesterday with this report in tow.  I knew the billing manager’s name was Terryl, and the woman who contacted me was named Hope.  I was fairly sure that Terryl had just sicked a secretary on me so that she wouldn’t have to hear my pleas begging her not to fire us.  I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in the door, asked for Hope, and the secretary said, “Just a moment.”  Hope, apparently, is also in charge of billing.  She was new to the billing department and saw that they had once used us for bill collections and wanted to know why they had stopped using us.  She also wanted to compare our success rate with their current collections agency.  She ended up really liking me, and I also got to meet Terryl who is in charge of the billing department (my Dad prepped me before I went and told me it was practically IMPOSSIBLE to meet with these billing managers.  Boo ya!)

So it went really well.  Hope told me they would “probably” be sending business our way.  I left her with a contract and hopefully I’ll be hearing from her sooner rather than later.  The suspense is killing me.

Anywho!  I made home-made fried chicken in celebration.  Recipe was compliments of another blog I follow religiously (eatliverun.com check it out.  It’s pretty good.)  I deboned chicken breasts all on my own, breaded, and deep fried chicken which I had never done before.   It was surprisingly easy and not-so-surprisingly delicious!

Voila!!  It’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it?  I had to make the picture bigger than usual to show how truly crunchy and delicious that breading was.  If you’re interested in the recipe I would be happy to send it your way!  I also had a big glass of white wine from Trader Joe’s.  Don’t judge!  I’ve been trying to get a client and feel useful around this place for the last 3 months!  I deserved every bite and sip of my celebratory meal!  Success!


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  1. Luanne Littleton Stoltz

    You did SO SO good! I remember when I started doing the same thing for Popo. It’s hard! You’re doing great!

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