Garbage Cheese

My favorite day of the week is by far Thursday.  Why, you may ask?  Because it’s Girl’s Night of course!  Girl’s night meaning Sarah comes over and we watch Bethanny’s Getting Married, drink wine and eat delicious cheese.  Last weekend I went to Seattle with my Mama and at the end of our trip we stopped by Beecher’s to grab some delicious cheese.  I chose two cheeses; a chevres that had orange zest and walnuts in it and also a “stanky” (that’s what the package said) brie from Cowgirl Creamery.  We had our cheeses in a paper bag and I made the mistake of setting my flowers from Pike’s Place in the bag also so that they wouldn’t topple over on the car ride home.  By the time we got back to my house some of the water had seeped out of my flowers and spilled on the cheese.  I figured no harm was done.  I dried my cheese off, replaced the soggy wrapper with a layer of wax paper and popped it in the fridge.  I was waiting patiently for Thursday so I could break out my special treat of fancy cheeses and we could have an epic girl’s night.  All week my fridge smelled like garbage, but I figured the stinkier the cheese the tastier it probably is so I put up with it making my fridge stink to high heaven.

Thursday comes around, Sarah arrives around 7, and I show her my fancy cheese I had purchased for us.  I put it on the plate, gave it a sniff, and I cannot emphasize enough how much this cheese smelled.  It literally smelled like hot garbage.  But this mound of brie cost me a whopping $22 (!) so I couldn’t throw it away based on smell alone.  I cut a chunk off and, while Sarah watched in horror, took a bite.  Not only did this cheese smell like garbage it tasted what I would imagine hot garbage to taste like. I gagged a little bit but managed to get it down.  Not only did this stupid $22 cheese taste like poo, it made my chevres taste like garbage just from being around it!  Now, I do not like thinking about the fact that someone out there is eating this cheese and enjoying it.  I literally had to wash my hands 3 times just to get the garbage smell off.  It has to be because that water spilled on it, right?  I want to drive to Seattle right now and purchase this again just to make SURE it’s truly that bad.  Have any of you had the displeasure of eating this cheese?

If you haven’t, don’t.  And if you decide to test it out, inform me whether or not this is actually garbage cheese.  I need to know if this cheese really tastes and smells that bad or if it was because of the water that it got stankier than it should have been.  Because garbage cheese nearly ruined my favorite day of the week!  Thank god for Bonaire’s Sunset vino.  That wine saved girl’s night!


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One response to “Garbage Cheese

  1. Sarah

    Ugh . . . I’m glad we managed not to vomit all over your kitchen.

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