Calmer Weekend

I had one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while this past weekend. Friday night was Natey Pie’s birthday so we went out for live music, dancing and drinks. It was really fun and good to see him. We used to have a lot more time to hang out and now that he has a night job and I have a day job we’re definitely seeing less and less of each other. Saturday Jon and I slept in until about 10AM, which I haven’t gotten to do in what seems like a century. Then about 20 minutes later we decided to get dressed and have an adventure. We stopped at Starbucks to get coffee and headed off for Boulder Caves! For any of you who haven’t been to Boulder Caves I highly recommend it. Although I advise you to NOT go on a weekend. There were a lot of people there with little kids, and although I love kids, they are not what I picture when wanting to have a quiet moment out in nature. In true Jackie-form I “knew where I was going” and I took us towards White Pass. I could have sworn that it was just before White Pass, but I was totally wrong. Good thing Jon is such a good sport. Most people probably would have wanted to kill me since I took us about 2 hours out of the way. But he said he wanted to see what White Pass looked like anyway so it was worth the trip. My cute little liar 🙂

Then we were on our way! The RIGHT way! We finally found it and finding parking was near to impossible. We decided to park about half a mile away and walk in, but not before I hiked into the woods to pee. I was about to pee my pants and the last half hour of our drive before getting to our destination was me complaining about how full my bladder was. While I was going to the bathroom about 10 cars were driving away from Boulder Caves and Jon was shouting at me to hurry and get back in the car because there were probably parking spots now. He was right, we got premiere parking and off we went. The hike to the caves is really easy, it can’t be more than a mile. When we got there I realized we probably should have brought a flashlight…but I need to be cut some slack! I hadn’t been to Boulder Caves since high school and I sort of forgot what it was like. When I told my Dad this story this morning he said, “C’mon Jackie! It’s a CAVE! There’s no light!” Touche father, touche. But it really is beautiful up there

Look at that waterfall!! Seriously, nature?? Good job! After that we stopped at 3 different fruit stands because I wanted to get some fresh fruit for the house. We went to 3 because the first two weren’t up to par. I’m surprised Jon didn’t want to kill me after this day. We were starving at this point so we stopped by a family favorite. Whistling Jack Lodge! The food was pretty good, although I ordered a turkey sandwich on a croissant and the menu said it had sprouts and cranberry sauce on it, and it had lettuce and no kind of cranberry anywhere to be found. It was a really great day, Jon and I both decided we need more days like that.


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  1. nathan kollman

    Jac-lynn!!! Are you really a blogger?!?! I love to fine this out about you!! I feel very honored that you even considered blogging about me of all people!!! Basically….love you long time…and keep it up!

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