Indian Magic

Tonight I’m leaving for a work conference in Wenatchee and I won’t be back until Friday. Uh boo. I’ve never been to Wenatchee and I really don’t have all that much interest in going but it must be done in the name of work! Last night we had company over and Jon made them delicious Indian food!

Jon’s parents used to run an Indian cuisine catering business so Jon knows his stuff about this particular cooking technique.

He breaks THIS out whenever it’s time to make Indian food. This thing is legit. It’s literally falling apart and the pages are worn and the color of tumeric. It’s really a thing of beauty.
His dad gave him whole and ground Indian spices and labeled the bottles himself for a present for Jon a few years back

So these are also broken out on these nights. Aren’t these cute? His dad has super nice handwriting. Nicely done Craig.

Finished product!! Two different kinds of curry (one lentil and one chicken/potato), some kind of yogurt salad with cucumbers and carrots, basmati rice and of course chapati bread.

The best way to describe chapati bread is to say it’s kind of like naan but thinner. It’s really delicious. Last time Jon made Indian food he asked if we “really needed” chapatis are I whined and said, “But that’s my favorite paaaaart…”
This is the chapati pan

It might look gross and a little ghetto, but trust me this thing is necessary for the chapatis. You gotta kind of burn those yummy pieces of bread on both sides and this thing gets screaming hot.

Back to the grind! Got to get some work done before I head off to We-SNATCH-ee!


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