Ear Candy

Yesterday, driving home from my conference, I was flipping through all of my old CDs. I still own a lot of CDs and some of them are really old. I still have mix CD’s that people made me in high school. I stumbled upon my Justin Timberlake “Future.Sex.Love.Sound” album and popped it in. People, I know EVERY word to this album. You might think I’m exaggerating when I say “every” but I am not. I have an impressive knowledge of song lyrics and I can sing along to most any song I’ve heard more than once. You might think I would be embarrassed by sharing this ex-boyband info on the world wide web but I am not! I loved that album and I am proud to know every word to “Cry Me a River”.

Here’s a few songs I’ve been listening to lately:

Yeasayer- Tightrope
LCD Soundsystem- Dance Yrself Clean
A lot of CCR lately, thanks to Jon
The Black Keys- Tighten Up
Broken Bells- The High Road
Gorillaz- Superfast Jellyfish
Ce-Lo Green- No one’s gonna love you
The Budos Band- Unbroken, Unshaven
Local Natives- Airplanes
Ratatat- Drugs
Sharon Jones- Money

And Luke just showed me this….which is pretty cool

And I really like this….which might make me crazy….

What have you guys been listening to lately?



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2 responses to “Ear Candy

  1. matt hargreaves

    I saw this via facebook & I like it. That Miike Snow video is dementedly cool. Two artists I like: One new – Charlotte Gainsbourg, one old(er) – Santogold. Both good.

  2. I’ve heard of Santigold, Matt. Never heard of Charlotte though. I’ll be sure to check it out!

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