Oldies but Goodies

I went through all of my old pictures the other day, and there are some really good ones in there. Some of them are actually good while some of them are so bad they’re good. I thought it would be fun to share some of them because a few of them are pretty funny and remind me of really fun times.

This picture for instance. This is a highly unattractive picture. Beach pictures are almost never attractive though. It’s a time to relax and not shower!
This was the first time Jon met my extended family.
My Grandma snugged him thinking he was my cousin Blake. All parties involved were embarrassed.

Haha this is a good one
I really have no good explanation for what is happening in this picture
I know it was my birthday
And it was close to Easter
And these pictures were for my Mom
They never made it to my Mom
Or to anywhere where anyone could ever see them
….until now.

This was our first year at Round Up
When I thought super short, fried, blonde hair was a genius idea
I’m pretty sure this guys name was Brad (?)
Notice the missing thumb
He was, what he referred to as, “nubbing” me with his missing thumb stump
My Round Up crew still talks about this
I’m scarred for life

“Shootin’ Shit”
My very first time shooting a gun that isn’t a BB gun

THIS guy!
I totally forgot about this guy until just now!
This guy had the most insane stereo system set up in his crummy little hotel room at Round Up
And BLARED country music all day/night long
He liked dancing and wore sweet cut off t-shirts

After a night of drinking, Brooke and I had to walk about 2 miles to our cars
The night before it had snowed at least 6 inches
Oh college, how I miss thee….

That’s all I’ve got for now.
Have a great rest of your Wednesday!!


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