Here is said sushi I got with Brookoss yesterday

From left to right: Rainbow roll, BSC roll, and Lisa Lisa Roll

The Lisa Lisa is Ozekis special literally every day. I highly recommend it. I also highly recommend Ozekis. It’s a little pricey (approx. $25 a person for sushi) but well worth shelling out some dough.
Jon got the Bento Box

This thing cost $17, but look how huge it is!
That dark brown stuff in the front and center was pickled daikon root.
It was super salty and delicious.

Then last night I went home did my work out DVD and made lentil soup

The recipe I used yeilds a TON of soup so I froze at least 2/3 of it
Hence the huge freezer zip locked sack of lentil soup

And then I Googled upon something life changing…
I love iced coffees. I had been brewing huge pots of hot coffee into a plastic container and popping it in the fridge.

Jon really likes this method, but I thought it was pretty bitter.
Then I found out that lots of people think this is gross.
And a method called “cold brewing” is the way to go.
All you need is a cup of roughly ground coffee, a french press (or a jar and a sieve) and some water to accomplish this delicious iced coffee magic.

STEP 1: Dump your cup of coffee grinds into your french press (or jar)

STEP 2: Put about 3 cups (or up to the silver ring on the top of your french press) of COLD water into the french press. Do not use hot water!! This ain’t called “cold brewed coffee” fo’ nothin!
STEP 3: Stir with a wooden spoon, or in my case, a chop stick.

Wait about 2 minutes and then stir it again.
STEP 4: Let this concoction sit over night, or up to 12 hours. The post I read about this said it starts to turn bitter after 12.
STEP 5: Press your coffee grinds to the bottom of the container slowly

STEP 6: Pour into your favorite cup, add cream and/or sugar (or neither) and enjoy!

Now THAT is a happy early morning Jackie!
I got my cold brewed coffee in my travel mug and I’m ready for work!

Tonight’s girls night! I love Thursdays!!!


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