TGIF the 13th

Last night was an epic girls night. We got to watch 2 Episodes of Betthany’s Getting Married since I was in Wenatchee last week AND an episode of True Blood.
I also got to make this:

That’s right, folks. 100% home made pizza rectangle of the Gods.

The first batch of dough was a complete failure. I tried putting it in the food processor with the dough attachment but that was a poor life decision. I think it was a little harsh for dough. It turned into a super hard ball of dough that didn’t rise at all. Jon helped me with the 2nd batch since he’s kind of a big deal in the pizza world. At first it wasn’t rising at all. But then I realized that that’s probably because I like my house to be similar to a frozen tundra in the summer since I have the luxury of central air conditioning. I tossed that bad boy outside with a hand towel over the top of it. Bugs and birds tried to eat it multiple times but I managed to scare them off. 80 degree outdoor weather = rising success!
This thing was super tasty. It was a whole wheat crust with ricotta cheese for sauce, garlic, shredded zucchini and mozzarella. The recipe didn’t call for parmesan but I put some on top before stuffing it in my face.

It was also a night of drinking local booze. Yakima really isn’t good for all that much but it is undoubtedly good for at least two things. Produce and local beer/wine.
Sarah and I drank this:

Which was left over from a wedding Sarah went to last weekend.
And Jon enjoyed this little gem we found at the grocery store:

509!! (for those of you that don’t know, that’s our area code)
Iron Horse is delish and I love that they made this.
This beer was sort of fruity and I liked it!
I also had half a bottle of this left in my fridge from Trader Joe’s

I do not recommend this wine on any level. I am not picky when it comes to wine, and I usually like Trader Joe’s cheap wine, but this stuff is pretty gross.
It tastes like they mixed hand soap with white wine.

The weekend is here and I have a lot going on this next week! Tomorrow: outdoor adventure. Saturday: Start refinishing side tables. Sunday: Take Jon to the ferry/hang out in Seattle. And then Thursday: Leave for the beach!


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