The Great Outdoors!

Sometimes random adventures are a much needed necessity. Especially outdoor ones after you’ve taken an office job and haven’t gotten to really hang out with the sun all summer. Brooke and I met at Fred Meyer, almost bought an inflatable whale and lawn golf, got back on track, bought groceries and a six pack of Black Cherry Hard Lemonaide (which is delicious) and headed up towards Rim Rock.

We really wanted to go canoeing and Nate recommended a place called Silver Beach to rent one from. We parked the car, walked in, asked if we could rent a canoe and they looked at us like we had brain damage. Apparently it was “too windy” to rent a canoe (which was laughable after living in Ellensburg for two years). So we bought a $5 day pass to hang out at what they called their “beach”. There were people and kids everywhere and it was super shitty. We instantly decided this wasn’t the place for us, didn’t even try to get our five dollars back because the people in there were extremely rude, and headed into the unknown.

Peace out Silver Beach! You obviously hate people and money!

We then turned down a random little dirt road that wasn’t marked and found this

Hellllooooooooooo Clear Lake!!

There was almost no one down here. It was serene and very relaxing. Perfect weather with just a slight breeze. We listened to some M. Ward and basked in the sun. We hopped in the FREEZING cold water on Brooke’s floaty and took in the scenery. It was absolutely beautiful. I think we both needed a little girl time too so that was an added bonus.

Thanks Clear Lake for giving us a relaxing Saturday afternoon. I owe you one!


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One response to “The Great Outdoors!

  1. Brooke

    Seriously a beautiful spot!! Such a fun day! Thanks for the invite to ‘the great unknown.’

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