Home Again, Home Again…

We’re home from the beach! It was very relaxing and beautiful in Manzanita. The cabin that Jon’s parents rented was about a block away from the beach and about a mile away from the cute little town. Vacation consisted of a lot of laying around, Monopoly, reading, Mudd Dogs (a cute old man that sold Chicago style hot dogs out of a little stand), walks, beaching and eating.

Jon’s friend Nate came too. And for all of you who are getting confused with these Nates I speak of, we have 4 different friends named Nate, and yes it gets quite confusing. The first day I got there we walked down to the beach to see the sights. And BOY did we see some sights…

See that man out there in the ocean? That man is naked. I don’t know why he was naked, but he was. Luckily he had a nice skin apron that hung down from his belly and covered his “unmentionables” so that I didn’t have to hide my eyes. I also played king of the mountain on a tree stump I found.

I’m king of the mountain!!
The next day was epic, to put it mildly. We went crabbing, which I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing before.
My man was clearly the strongest and best at hauling up the big, heavy baskets filled with delicious crab.

You’re only allowed to take home the male crabs that are over a certain length so we ended up with nine crabs. Which was plenty for the six of us!

Mmm, delicious delicious crab! Jon’s dad is an amazing cook and we ate like kings all week long.
I miss the beach already

Time for a night full of laundry and trashy reality television.
Oh and PS. I suck at flying kites


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