Tofu Bandwagon

Let me start this post off by making one thing very clear: I DO NOT LIKE TOFU. Every time I’ve had it I have never been all that impressed. I think the only time I’ve ever really enjoyed it was in miso soup or in the vegetarian pad thai from Sugar Thai. And enjoyed is a strong word. It was more like I didn’t really mind it being there. I could take it or leave it. Some of my pals would talk about baked tofu and how delicious it is and I was skeptical. Although I wasn’t a huge tofu fan I wanted to like it! It seemed like something I should like. I like most healthy foods and I try to incorporate things that my body thanks me for later into my every day diet.
So last night I decided to throw caution to the wind and try this way of preparing this food that is pretty foreign to me.

I researched how to bake it extensively until I came upon a method I felt like was fairly trustworthy and easy to execute. Yet another blog I follow KathEats. She seemed to be a professional on the matter so I followed suit. The only thing I did that she said was unnecessary was set weight on top of my tofu. Which means I placed a paper towel on a plate, put my block of tofu on top of that, another paper towel on top of that, and a heavy book on top of THAT! It takes all the excess moisture out of the tofu and makes it extra firm. The ONLY reason I knew to do this was because Alton Brown said to do it and if Alton commands I listen!

After my tofu had a heavy book on it for about 20 minutes I cut my tofu into little bite sized slices. I would say it was about 35 pieces.

Salt and pepper those puppies!
Then I got a little crazy…
I took out some of this

and schmered it ALL over both sides of my baby tofus. (that jarred curry is from Trader Joe’s and I highly recommend trying it.)
Curry baked tofu? Yeah. I went there.
Then I followed that with some cayenne pepper!
I know! Crazy! I like spicy. Don’t judge.
I sprayed a cookie sheet with some non-stick spray and spread them out

Into the oven at 450 degrees, or until you think they look done.

They were crunchy and chewy and delicious! I had to put most of them in the fridge cause I wasn’t all that hungry so I’ll be interested to see how they are as left overs…

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  1. chop them smaller and put them in stir fry for leftovers if they aren’t good on their own. Or fried rice.

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