I’ve got the blues!

The blueBERRIES!
However, first things first. This morning I went to breakfast with Lauren and her friend Brenden. They live in Portland, but they were driving through town after the Keith Urban/John Mayer concert. Keith and John have GOT to be the most random match up I have ever heard of. We went to Antojitos Mexicanos and had delicious Mexican cuisine that I can’t prove to you because I’m an idiot and took not one picture of my sweet friends face OR my delicous huevos rancheros.

Next, Sarah and I drove on over to the Yakima Farmer’s Market. I hadn’t been to our farmer’s market since high school and boy was I surprised at how good it was! Plenty of fresh produce and people every where! I got out of there with eggplants, a huge head of lettuce, white peaches, heirloom tomatoes and the smallest plums I’ve ever seen.

That’s not a cherry tomato, that’s a plum.

See? Pit= plum.
Then we went to a “Pick your own blueberries” farm!

Sarah was a serious trooper pickin’ those lovely blues. She broke her foot and was trucking right along!
I’m so glad she brought me here! I had fun picking berries and listening to a little girl and her Mom talk about how to find the good berries.
I made out like a bandit.

Jon and I will be eating blueberries for weeks!
I got home and immediately made blueberry goodies.

Blueberry scones were what I settled on but blueberry muffins might be in my near future.
Tonight I’m making dinner involving one of my heirlooms and my eggplants.
But that’s a post for tomorrow 🙂


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One response to “I’ve got the blues!

  1. Sarah

    The scones look fabulous. What a baker!

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