Where’s the West?

First off, let me apologize because I did not take ONE western/cowboy picture this whole weekend. I’m terrible at remembering to take pictures, but I’m trying to get better about it. However, I did manage to capture this video. There’s no way to explain what’s going on in this. Let me just preface it by saying that you could pay $8 at the fair in Ellensburg to partake in this activity. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Hamster balls on water. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius.

Now on to what I cooked for dinner the other night: Stuffed Squash! On Saturday I went to the Farmer’s Market alone since everyone else was busy, and bought a butternut squash. I was on the phone with Kayce while Farmers Marketing and I am a terrible shopper while I’m talking so that’s the only thing I bought. So, on Monday night I decided to put this squash to good use!

Step one: Find the most phallic piece of squash that you can find, cut it in half vertically, and remove all the guts.


Step 2: Place them face down in a deep cookie sheet with a quarter inch of water in it, and bake at 375 degrees for 40 minutes

While that’s doin’ it’s thang, move on to Step 3: make your stuffing. Your stuffing can have anything that you think would be delicious with squash, but I just copied what Kayce used to stuff her squash with. I just used 5 slices of stale wheat bread, 2 peeled apples, 3 stalks of celery, half of an onion and 2 cloves of garlic.

I sauteed the onions and apples in 2 Tbs of olive oil and 2 Tbs of butter until translucent. Then I added the celery and garlic and seasoned with salt, oregano and nutmeg. Next, I added a pound of ground sausage and browned it. I tore up my slices of stale bread into a large bowl and then dumped my sausage/apple mixture onto my bread and added 3 more Tbs of melted butter. Give it a good stir!

Step 4: When your squash have baked for 40 minutes, take them out and let them cool until you can handle them. Scrape out some of the squashy goodness and add that to your stuffing. I just did this because the “stuffing spot” (or hole) in the squash wasn’t very big and I wanted lots of stuffing. You can omit this step if you wish. Stuff your squash with as much stuffing as you can handle, top with parmesan, and bake for another 20 minutes.

Now serve your boyfriend his penis shaped dinner!
Yummy, yummy! 🙂

Both of us kind of decided after this dinner we aren’t huge squash fans. But if you like squash I’m sure this is a lot more delicious. So if you are one of those squash eaters, try this out!

I also wanted to share this picture as an afterthought, because Jon came home from work and thought this was funny. I listed stuff on eBay all day Monday and this is what Jon caught on camera in the middle of my project.

So. Much. Crap. All those phones are office phones, just FYI. I’m not some crazy lady who collects phones in my free time. Yay for getting that tedious project over and done with!!


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