Where is Jon?

Where is Jon, you may ask? You could say, “Jackie! You promised us pictures of cowboys and horses…and then you said your sweet, sweet Jon would be guest blogging today and he is no where to be found! You have some explaining to do!”

Well, first of all: cowboy pictures. Totally my fault. I’m a poor excuse for a blogger and I should have had at least one picture of something western. But I promise to redeem myself with pictures from The Pendleton Round Up in the very near future. That is a PROMISE!

And second: Jon’s soup didn’t turn out as planned. Usually when he makes kale soup he buys smoked chorizo (sausage) to put in it. The chorizo is always the best part. I, being an amateur in the kale soup department, had no idea that buying raw chorizo was the wrong thing to do. Jon said he “should have smoked it” himself, but we both agreed that boiling and then crisping up the outside in a pan would be just fine. Apparently we were wrong. The soup tasted fine to me, but Jon said the texture of the sausage was like sawdust in a casing. And I’m a terrible judge of over cooked meats (besides red meat, never overcook red meat). I kind of like dry chicken/sausage/bacon/turkey. So, alas, there will be no guest blog about kale soup. But I’m sure Jon will want to redeem himself and guest blog sometime in the near future.

In other unrelated news: my new boots are here!!

Aren’t they perfect? My cubicle smells like new leather and I love it. They are very comfortable and perfect for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Thank you Zappos.com for the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

Also, I finally put something decorative in my cubicle.

I was really torn between framing this and putting it in my kitchen, and putting it in my cubicle. I decided to pin it up in my cubicle. I put the push pins close enough to the edges so that if I do decide to frame it, no one will ever know that I decided to deface it by putting four holes in it. Well, I guess I’ll know….and now all of you will know….and Jon knows….but besides that, no one!!


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