I am leaving for Round Up tomorrow and I am beyond excited! We’re packing up the car at 7:30 tomorrow morning in order to get there around 10:30, because if we even come close to missing that rodeo that starts at 1PM I am going to throw a tantrum! I know that we’ll be there 2 1/2 hours early, but I’m always that girl who shows up at the movie theaters about 45 minutes before it starts because I don’t want to miss the previews or look for seats in the dark.

If you’ve never been to Round Up I seriously recommend it. I had never been to a rodeo before I went to my first in Pendleton 4 years ago, and it is a total riot. We gamble with the people around us (we sit around the same people every year), we have nicknames for people like Round Up Rick and Dad (oh man, I can’t wait to see Dad), and on Saturday night there is a HUGE party at our hotel with a BBQ and beer and whiskey and dancing! You might make fun of a rodeo now, but when I come back and I post pictures of all the fun I had you’re going to be extremely jealous.

Look how much fun that looks!

So, in preparation for the festivities I promised the girls I would make jello shots. Last year I attempted to make jello shots while we were there and, while at the time I thought they turned out great, I actually failed miserably at these jiggly little guys. Here are the tools I used last year to make terrible jello shots:
1) Lime Jello
2) Tequila
3) A microwave
4) Styrofoam cup
5) my Nalgene water bottle
I poured the tequila in the styrofoam cup to the brim and microwaved it on high for like…probably 5 minutes until it was boiling. Then I put the boiling hot tequila (that smelled like ass) into my nalgene with a 6 oz package of lime flavored jello. I shook this until the jello was completely dissolved, poured the liquid into dixie cups, popped them in the fridge for 3 hours and then we ate them.

Not only did these taste like ass (and probably give all of us cancer from microwaving in styrofoam), but I’m fairly sure I cooked out most of the alcohol which I didn’t realize until I started doing research for a recipe for this year’s jello shots.

This year I did my research and I promise you they do not suck! Jon and I split one last night and it tasted just like I wanted it to taste. Want to know how to make delicious jello shots? Did you think I only cooked delicious, healthy, gourmet food? I used to be a bartender bitches, I’m allowed to make jello shots!

OKAY! I made 2 different kinds of jello shots. One of them is a twist on a classic drink; the sidecar. Sidecars usually consist of muddled lemon, sweet and sour, cointreau, and brandy shaken with ice and poured into a martini class with a sugared rim. So, my jello shot version of this was brandy, lemon jello, and (once firm) a topping of granulated sugar. The other jello shots I created were orange jello and Captain Morgan’s rum. Orange and captain really isn’t a drink, I just saw online that people thought this was a yummy combo. You will need the following:
1) 2 cups boiling water
2) 1 1/4 cup chilled alcohol (I popped mine in the freezer for 2 hours)
3) 3/4 cup cold water
4) 6 oz package of jello

To start I filled a big pot with water

While I was waiting for that to come to a boil, I covered my counter in newspaper. Because who wants sticky jello alcohol all over their counter? Not this girl.

Then I set my little plastic containers out in rows on the news paper. I bought these at the Cash and Carry for $6 and there are like 200 of them and lids. But dixie cups work just fine if you can’t find these. I just got these because I have to transport them and I wanted lids in case they melt. Then I lightly coated the little cups in some cooking spray so the jello would come out a little easier.

Next I poured my 6 oz jello packet into a pitcher. Six ounces is your standard size of jello packet. I then dipped my measuring cup into the boiling water, measured out two cups and poured that into my pitcher. Give it a good stir until all of the jello has dissolved. Then, add your cold alcohol and water. Stir it up. Pour into plastic ramekins.

Let them sit in the fridge for 4 hours, or until firm. Serve!!!

This is what your fridge will look like after making four batches of jello shots

I left the lids off of the yellow ones (sidecar jello shots) because I’m going to sprinkle a little bit of granulated sugar on top of them to really get the sidecar effect. The orange ones needed no further maintenance so they’re remaining as is. I can’t wait to see my girls! We leave tomorrow! Let ‘er Buck!!!


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