Sorry for the late post. I’ve been pretty busy/lazy lately. I had been anticipating this year’s Round Up for months and when it finally came it was everything I thought it would be. If any of you have ever been to the rodeo grounds in Pendleton, OR you would know that only the northern and southern bleachers are covered. And if you sit in the eastern and western bleachers you fry like an egg all day. They had no cover whatsoever over them and were pretty crappy. Well, sometime between this year and last year they made the western bleachers into something that resembled Safeco Field. In prior years you had to take a long trip in the hot sun to get the prized dance team nachos. And the dance team nacho spot was just in a little tent. Now they are indoors in a booth located near the new covered western bleachers! Look at these bad boys!

Thank you Lauren for the lovely picture of nachos for me to steal.
These nachos are awesome. These are the kind of nachos that require lots of napkins and a fork. YES, a fork! Don’t judge me for using a fork with finger food. I am not that girl who eats pizza with a fork, but these are so chalked full of goopey delicousness that a fork is necessary.

It was super fun to see all my girlfriends and family.

Remember all those jello shots I made? My mom said she counted them and there were 112. We ate them the first night. All of them. Next year I will come more prepared and make more.

While I was there I got accused of stealing some girls drink and putting it in my purse (she checked inside my purse….for her drink….retard) and showing some girl my underwear at the Rainbow Room (it wasn’t me, don’t worry). I got quite a few compliments on my scorpion bolo tie too. Best $6 I ever spent.

I miss it already and I can’t wait for next year!

Tonight I shall be giving squash ONE LAST CHANCE! I really feel like I should like it. So, I will be cooking this ugly warted guy tonight that I bought at the Yakima Farmer’s Market today.

Wish me luck! Any suggestions on what to do with this would be greatly appreciated…


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  1. i love that you give the ugly guys a chance. shows real character.

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