Butter of the Almond Persuasion

I really, really like almond butter. I mostly like it because I’m not really a huge peanut fan. I like peanut butter, like jiffy, but I don’t really like real peanut butter. I like the kind of peanut butter that has a ton of sugar in it. I could eat a whole bag of almonds, but I don’t think I would ever choose to eat more than 10 peanuts. I have oatmeal for breakfast just about every morning, and I put a dollop of almond butter in it every time. It really adds flavor and creaminess to it and I strongly suggest trying it. What’s that you say? Almond butter is too expensive? I totally agree. I hated paying $9 for a jar of pureed almonds. So, I went to the interweb to find a solution to my problem. The solution to this financial almond burden is an easy fix: make your own.

I read the ingredients on the back of my empty, purchased almond butter and the ingredients were just almonds and salt. A lot of the recipes I was reading online said to add oils. I knew there had to be a recipe out there that only required almonds, and I found it. All you need are almonds, a food processor and patients. I started out by getting out my almonds.

These almonds are kind of expensive, so I wouldn’t suggest using them. I just had them in my pantry already so it only made sense to turn them into butter. Last time I made almond butter I just got raw almonds from the bulk foods isle at my grocery store. Make sure they aren’t roasted almonds because you’re going to roast them yourself.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees

While that’s warming up, put your almonds on a cookie sheet in one even layer. Roast them for about 10 minutes, but check on them periodically to make sure they aren’t burning. You’ll know they’re done when they become aromatic. Set them out on the counter to cool.

Now, dump the almonds into a food processor and pulse until they are chopped up. Then just turn it on and let it whirl away!
This is seriously going to take 12-15 minutes to turn into almond butter. At one point it’s going to turn into a large hard clump of almond but don’t let that discourage you. Just break it up with a spoon or a spatula and turn the processor back on. I suggest scraping down the sides with a spatula every now and then too. Patience is a virtue in this butter game, and I promise if you give it time you won’t need oil. It’ll turn itself into a creamy, yummy butter if you just let it do it’s thang! This is the process of butter in pictures. It’s truly amazing that it turns into butter after awhile. It’s kind of fun to watch.

Mmmm, almond butter….

I just put mine in an old jelly jar. After you make it you do need to stick it in the fridge or else it will spoil.

Um, and you’re welcome in advance for saving you like $4 on your almond butter.


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