Luke’s Random Emails

I work with my brother, Luke. Every day. All day. Well, except for weekends…
We work in cubicles right next to each other.

Like this. I feel like this picture does a really good job at capturing what the lighting is like back there too. Really bright, florescent, and awful. My eyeballs get really angry.
Nearly every single day (and usually multiple times a day) Luke will send me some weird video/picture/article he found on the interweb. Don’t ask me how he finds these things. I have no idea. But, it’s seriously a talent that he possesses.
Finding videos doesn’t seem like that impressive of a talent, but he rarely sends me a video that I don’t think is interesting or hilarious.
So, in honor of Luke’s random work emails, I’m going to post at least one a week to share with everyone. They’re too good not to share.
To kick this party off, I’m going to share one he sent me yesterday…

Really Kohler? Whoever buys this must either A) Have too much money B) Really takes a long time to go “number two” and needs something excessive and comfortable C) Is an idiot.


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