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Luke’s Random Emails!

Welcome to another edition of “Luke’s Random Emails!” I really liked this next video. I want this guy to be the god father of my future children. Seriously.
Good job Luke at finding this one.


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Luke’s Random Emails

I work with my brother, Luke. Every day. All day. Well, except for weekends…
We work in cubicles right next to each other.

Like this. I feel like this picture does a really good job at capturing what the lighting is like back there too. Really bright, florescent, and awful. My eyeballs get really angry.
Nearly every single day (and usually multiple times a day) Luke will send me some weird video/picture/article he found on the interweb. Don’t ask me how he finds these things. I have no idea. But, it’s seriously a talent that he possesses.
Finding videos doesn’t seem like that impressive of a talent, but he rarely sends me a video that I don’t think is interesting or hilarious.
So, in honor of Luke’s random work emails, I’m going to post at least one a week to share with everyone. They’re too good not to share.
To kick this party off, I’m going to share one he sent me yesterday…

Really Kohler? Whoever buys this must either A) Have too much money B) Really takes a long time to go “number two” and needs something excessive and comfortable C) Is an idiot.

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Sorry for the late post. I’ve been pretty busy/lazy lately. I had been anticipating this year’s Round Up for months and when it finally came it was everything I thought it would be. If any of you have ever been to the rodeo grounds in Pendleton, OR you would know that only the northern and southern bleachers are covered. And if you sit in the eastern and western bleachers you fry like an egg all day. They had no cover whatsoever over them and were pretty crappy. Well, sometime between this year and last year they made the western bleachers into something that resembled Safeco Field. In prior years you had to take a long trip in the hot sun to get the prized dance team nachos. And the dance team nacho spot was just in a little tent. Now they are indoors in a booth located near the new covered western bleachers! Look at these bad boys!

Thank you Lauren for the lovely picture of nachos for me to steal.
These nachos are awesome. These are the kind of nachos that require lots of napkins and a fork. YES, a fork! Don’t judge me for using a fork with finger food. I am not that girl who eats pizza with a fork, but these are so chalked full of goopey delicousness that a fork is necessary.

It was super fun to see all my girlfriends and family.

Remember all those jello shots I made? My mom said she counted them and there were 112. We ate them the first night. All of them. Next year I will come more prepared and make more.

While I was there I got accused of stealing some girls drink and putting it in my purse (she checked inside my purse….for her drink….retard) and showing some girl my underwear at the Rainbow Room (it wasn’t me, don’t worry). I got quite a few compliments on my scorpion bolo tie too. Best $6 I ever spent.

I miss it already and I can’t wait for next year!

Tonight I shall be giving squash ONE LAST CHANCE! I really feel like I should like it. So, I will be cooking this ugly warted guy tonight that I bought at the Yakima Farmer’s Market today.

Wish me luck! Any suggestions on what to do with this would be greatly appreciated…

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Where is Jon?

Where is Jon, you may ask? You could say, “Jackie! You promised us pictures of cowboys and horses…and then you said your sweet, sweet Jon would be guest blogging today and he is no where to be found! You have some explaining to do!”

Well, first of all: cowboy pictures. Totally my fault. I’m a poor excuse for a blogger and I should have had at least one picture of something western. But I promise to redeem myself with pictures from The Pendleton Round Up in the very near future. That is a PROMISE!

And second: Jon’s soup didn’t turn out as planned. Usually when he makes kale soup he buys smoked chorizo (sausage) to put in it. The chorizo is always the best part. I, being an amateur in the kale soup department, had no idea that buying raw chorizo was the wrong thing to do. Jon said he “should have smoked it” himself, but we both agreed that boiling and then crisping up the outside in a pan would be just fine. Apparently we were wrong. The soup tasted fine to me, but Jon said the texture of the sausage was like sawdust in a casing. And I’m a terrible judge of over cooked meats (besides red meat, never overcook red meat). I kind of like dry chicken/sausage/bacon/turkey. So, alas, there will be no guest blog about kale soup. But I’m sure Jon will want to redeem himself and guest blog sometime in the near future.

In other unrelated news: my new boots are here!!

Aren’t they perfect? My cubicle smells like new leather and I love it. They are very comfortable and perfect for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Thank you for the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

Also, I finally put something decorative in my cubicle.

I was really torn between framing this and putting it in my kitchen, and putting it in my cubicle. I decided to pin it up in my cubicle. I put the push pins close enough to the edges so that if I do decide to frame it, no one will ever know that I decided to deface it by putting four holes in it. Well, I guess I’ll know….and now all of you will know….and Jon knows….but besides that, no one!!

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Enter: The dreaded FLU!

For the last two days, and sort of today, I’ve had the stomach flu. Being sick is a very rare occurrence in my life but when it does happen I am probably the biggest whiner there is. Late Tuesday night I woke up and felt super sick to my stomach…that’s pretty much all the detail I’m going to go into. It was pretty vile and I had to stay home from work on Tuesday. Staying home wasn’t all bad since Jon had the day off. He made me rice for lunch and then proceeded to be in the top 2 percentile of good boyfriends and make home made chicken noodle soup. I’m pretty sure the only reason I got over the flu so quickly was because of this soup. It probably had nothing to do with the fact that the flu usually only lasts 24 hours.

So yesterday when I woke up I wasn’t feeling 100% yet, so I decided to forgo coffee and just have zero caffeine what-so-ever. Bad idea. Around 9:30AM I felt like my brain was melting out through my eyes. I don’t know why I thought no caffeine was a good idea since I had experimented with “no caffeine work day” before and failed miserably. I ended up making it until around 10:30AM that day though, so I was slightly more successful then. Anywho, back to yesterday…I left for my break at 9:45 and went to Starbucks for a pick me up. There I discovered my favorite thing on the face of Earth was back in town…

Starbucks and I were officially in a fight. They just had to bring back my favorite thing the week that my body decides to get the flu?! I seriously haven’t had the flu since I was like 10. My mind was saying, “Screw it! Just get your delicious pumpkin spice latte! It might taste just as good coming up as it did going down!” while my belly was saying, “If you drink that shit I will SO make you regret it…” So I listened to my stupid gut and just got an americano.

Then after work yesterday I ventured over the hill to Ellensburg to go to Goodwill. Why would you need to drive to Goodwill in Ellensburg when there are two in Yakima, you may ask? Because this weekend is rodeo weekend in Ellensburg. And that means, rodeo gear is at Goodwill. Ellensburg Goodwill saves up all their cowboy/girl attire all year and then puts it out the week before rodeo. And for those of you who don’t know, every year I work at the Starlight during rodeo weekend (even though I am no longer employed there) and I go to the Pendleton Round Up. So western wear is high on my must-have list this time of year. I found my new favorite piece of western wear yesterday…

That, my friends, is a real scorpion inside of a piece of plastic on a bolo tie. And it was mine for one easy payment of $5.99.
I also got another bolo tie with a majestic eagle on it, a skirt, and a paisley top. Then we went to The Tav with Colin and Tristen which was super fun, even though I couldn’t have a Tav burger thanks again to my tummy.
Ok, back to work!

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I’ve got the blues!

The blueBERRIES!
However, first things first. This morning I went to breakfast with Lauren and her friend Brenden. They live in Portland, but they were driving through town after the Keith Urban/John Mayer concert. Keith and John have GOT to be the most random match up I have ever heard of. We went to Antojitos Mexicanos and had delicious Mexican cuisine that I can’t prove to you because I’m an idiot and took not one picture of my sweet friends face OR my delicous huevos rancheros.

Next, Sarah and I drove on over to the Yakima Farmer’s Market. I hadn’t been to our farmer’s market since high school and boy was I surprised at how good it was! Plenty of fresh produce and people every where! I got out of there with eggplants, a huge head of lettuce, white peaches, heirloom tomatoes and the smallest plums I’ve ever seen.

That’s not a cherry tomato, that’s a plum.

See? Pit= plum.
Then we went to a “Pick your own blueberries” farm!

Sarah was a serious trooper pickin’ those lovely blues. She broke her foot and was trucking right along!
I’m so glad she brought me here! I had fun picking berries and listening to a little girl and her Mom talk about how to find the good berries.
I made out like a bandit.

Jon and I will be eating blueberries for weeks!
I got home and immediately made blueberry goodies.

Blueberry scones were what I settled on but blueberry muffins might be in my near future.
Tonight I’m making dinner involving one of my heirlooms and my eggplants.
But that’s a post for tomorrow 🙂

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Home Again, Home Again…

We’re home from the beach! It was very relaxing and beautiful in Manzanita. The cabin that Jon’s parents rented was about a block away from the beach and about a mile away from the cute little town. Vacation consisted of a lot of laying around, Monopoly, reading, Mudd Dogs (a cute old man that sold Chicago style hot dogs out of a little stand), walks, beaching and eating.

Jon’s friend Nate came too. And for all of you who are getting confused with these Nates I speak of, we have 4 different friends named Nate, and yes it gets quite confusing. The first day I got there we walked down to the beach to see the sights. And BOY did we see some sights…

See that man out there in the ocean? That man is naked. I don’t know why he was naked, but he was. Luckily he had a nice skin apron that hung down from his belly and covered his “unmentionables” so that I didn’t have to hide my eyes. I also played king of the mountain on a tree stump I found.

I’m king of the mountain!!
The next day was epic, to put it mildly. We went crabbing, which I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing before.
My man was clearly the strongest and best at hauling up the big, heavy baskets filled with delicious crab.

You’re only allowed to take home the male crabs that are over a certain length so we ended up with nine crabs. Which was plenty for the six of us!

Mmm, delicious delicious crab! Jon’s dad is an amazing cook and we ate like kings all week long.
I miss the beach already

Time for a night full of laundry and trashy reality television.
Oh and PS. I suck at flying kites

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