What I’m all about

I was always the weird little kid that enjoyed cooking. And it absolutely didn’t help that I was super skinny, had incredibly crazy hair (thanks Mom), and huge framed glasses. But I guess that sort of makes sense, because I just described an indoor kid. And being an awkward indoor kid includes finding indoor hobbies. My whole life I’ve been known as the adventurous eater and I’ll try anything once. All throughout college my roommate and I cooked almost every night. She was a nutrition major and knew a lot about food, so it was always fun to learn about food from her. Then, near the end of college, I met my now boyfriend, Jon. He also enjoyed cooking. Not only that, his last name IS Cook! And he wants to be a chef! So now, we live together, he works in a restaurant in the kitchen, and we cook all the time. I figured a good way to organize all of the recipes I like was to start a blog. And not only that, the food blogging community is a fun place to find new recipes to try. So, I hope you enjoy my blog and find it entertaining!

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